Gaming Action

There are so many games online these days, with more pouring in, that it can be hard to find that perfect game. Sometimes it’s the classics that do it best, or it could be something new on the scene. Here are just a few of the top action, playable-on-computer games that are out right now.

Adventures of Pip

This is a fun little game compatible with Windows but also available on iPhone, Wii U and Xbox One. Coming from TicToc Games, this game is all about the power of pixels. The main character starts as a one-piece pixel and develops into a boy. Based on rather old school 2D graphics, the premise is a traditional one – save the kingdom using a princess who can control pixels. Of course, the ‘bad guy’- the skeleton queen – has captured the princess. It is up to one pixel Pip to save the day. A little meek, but not overly so, Adventures of Pip is a fast-paced, and entertaining little game.

Batman Arkham City

A continuation of one of many Batman themed games from IGN, this has to top the list. A few little niggles, such as the Batman himself still not walking smoothly, are overshadowed by the sheer playability of the game as a whole. The backgrounds are lush and detailed; never before has a player been so immersed in a cityscape. The PC game offers extraordinary details such as tiny snowflakes landing on Batman’s cape, adding to the realism of the whole gameplay. As with other Batman games, it is a detective story – find the villains, follow the processes and engage in combat. Easily the best Batman game to date.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

By this reincarnation of the franchise, Lara Croft is with an agency and also searching for the key to everlasting life. Touted by many as the most entertaining Lara Croft game since the 1996 original, it is full of excellent graphics, intriguing storylines, and most of all, awe-inspiring tombs. Everything is bigger, better and more dangerous. A true immersion in this world.