How to Beat the House in 4 Steps

When you walk into a casino, the very first rule that hits you is that the house just cannot be beaten. Cast a glance at any statistics, and the numbers will tell you that the house retains a permanent edge over the players. Having said that, it would be no fun if we did not, at the very least, attempt to take on the big boys and give them a run for their money. It may sound like David versus Goliath, but that’s where the excitement lies. The good news is that the house can, with a little bit of luck and little bit of skill, definitely be beaten. Read on to find out how.

The How-To List

Having pored over gambling strategies and picked the brains of experts, we have compiled a short and snappy how-to list for your reading pleasure:

  • Step 1 – Focus on Online Casinos

Thank goodness for online casinos. They have landed the many pleasures of gambling right on our doorstep. But they are also ripe for the picking. Take a close look at some of the odds they offer, especially in the table-based games, and you know that they can be overcome.

  • Step 2 – ‘Stay Away From’ Slots

Online slots offer poor odds to the player. Avoid them. Instead, focus on the live games such as blackjack and baccarat – which brings us to our third step.

  • Step 3 – Play Blackjack

The odds here are low for the house and high for you, provided you can take advantage. Skill and strategy are your close allies. We also hear the ghost-whisper of card counting.

  • Step 4 – Step Away

Knowing when to step away is the most crucial of all strategies. Do not make the mistake of pushing your luck and letting the house get back at you.