Must-Try Poker Games

Who doesn’t love poker? And the good news is that with so many different and exciting variants to the game, you keep getting more and more of the good stuff. If you tire of one option, the next one is just as easy to pick up and play. The variations of the rules are but subtle.

Over the years, some poker variants have gained more popularity and player recognition than the others. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at some of the games that are a must-try:

Texas Hold’em

This is a variant that has become synonymous with poker itself. It is played everywhere, right from friendly gatherings to the more serious competitions. One reason for its success is its simplicity. The beginners have no problems picking it up, while the more advanced players can improvise and tweak strategies for maximum gains. It is a complete package that never disappoints.


Also known as Omaha High, the action-filled variant of poker has been climbing the popularity ladder over the past few years, fuelled by the attention-deficit millennial crowd. The game offers a constant buzz that plays well to its audience. More and more players are turning to Omaha as a second option.

Seven Card Stud

Once upon a time, Seven Card Stud was the darling of the pokeratti, the focal point of all players. And then, like a Hollywood star of the silent era, the game faded away with the arrival of newer, simpler, and more exciting varieties. It is still recalled and played by a select few, which makes the variant an ideal choice for some poker variety.


This is enfant terrible, or rebel of the poker world, Razz requires you to have the lowest hand rather than the highest. This makes for a very interesting game.