First Person Games

Gaming is now a highly popular pastime with many different formats and gameplay styles. One of the most popular styles is that of first person shooter. This is where the ‘camera’ or view of the game moves and turns as if it were the eyes of the players themselves running through the landscape. This more … [Read more…]

Joining the Multiplayer Role Playing games

Role playing games have long been popular and have been produced on a small scale. Over the years massive multiplayer online role-playing games, also known as MMORPG, have developed with immense success. These games cross the RPG games with multiplayer capability and have now crossed the globe in their popularity. MMORPG allows players to create … [Read more…]

Gaming Action

There are so many games online these days, with more pouring in, that it can be hard to find that perfect game. Sometimes it’s the classics that do it best, or it could be something new on the scene. Here are just a few of the top action, playable-on-computer games that are out right now. … [Read more…]